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A New Years resolution for Victor Wembanyama

LaMarcus Aldridge has some advice for the young phenom

Boston Celtics v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Everybody looks to improve their game. Victor Wembanyama came into the league with a bag of tricks at his fingertips unseen in quite some time. His initiation into the NBA has him working harder against players with more size, skill, and endurance than he has seen in his nineteen (almost twenty) years.

What specifically should Wemby work on this year to take him to the next level, or at least the next phase of his development?

Former Spurs big man LaMarcus Aldridge recently offered some advice to the young French player:

“He’s got 18 different moves in his head and he’s playing too fast right now. Slow yourself down and get two moves to go to. Get a move that if it’s fourth quarter, you’re going to go to it. Get one move that it’s like I don’t care who is guarding you then build off that.”

The best players in league are known for being closers, or go-to guys. It makes sense that Wembanyama may want to direct his focus there. And though the Spurs have struggled getting wins, they have shown mettle in coming back from deficits to make late fourth quarter runs. On more than one occasion, the Silver & Black have been a stop and a bucket away from stealing a game.

Wembanyama evolving into a closer with a seemingly unstoppable move could be the next phase of his development as well as the teams.

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