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Victor Wembanyama is at the center of the new H-E-B commercial

The latest H-E-B commercial is now released, featuring the rookie in a lead role.

Chicago Bulls v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Darren Carroll/NBAE via Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs players returned to the spotlight on Wednesday afternoon, exhibiting their acting skills in the famous H-E-B commercials. This time, two commercials were unveiled, prominently featuring rookie Victor Wembanyama. In the first one, the rookie undergoes a funny measuring process led by teammate Jeremy Sohan, assisted by Devin Vessell and The Coyote, who stack up pints of ice cream in a playful attempt to measure Wembanyama’s height.

It takes approximately 17 pints of ice cream to measure Victor’s towering height accurately. The rookie playfully argues that he’s equivalent to “Dix-huit” pints, adding a touch of humor to the situation, even though it’s a bit of a stretch.

The second commercial features the same quartet, with the addition of Kelvin Johnson, casually enjoying ice cream together. During this scene, Jeremy argues that Wembanyama needs to showcase something truly unique. Even being a 7’3” giant who can apparently walk on his hands isn’t impressive enough. Fortunately, The Coyote steps in to inspire, leading to a colorful twist where all four players dye their hair in shades matching the ice cream they’re savoring.

These delightful commercials offer a sneak peek into the acting talents of these Spurs players. The camaraderie among the four shines through, as they share constant smiles throughout the shoot. Once again, H-E-B has delivered an entertaining spectacle, leaving audiences eager for more glimpses into the playful world of Wemby and company.

Over the past few days, notable articles by Kevin O’Connor and Zach Kram from The Ringer have caught the attention of Spurs fans.

In his piece, Kevin makes an intriguing analogy, likening acquiring Dejounte Murray to rekindling a relationship with an ex-girlfriend. Instead, he proposes that the Spurs should set their sights on Trae Young as the point guard of the future, especially in tandem with Wembanyama.

On the flip side, Zach delves into an in-depth analysis of Dejounte Murray’s statistics on both ends of the court over the past few years. The findings reveal that various defensive metrics indicate a decline in Murray’s defensive performance compared to his previous standards. Consequently, Zach suggests that caution should be exercised when assessing Murray’s trade value, casting doubt on the prospect of obtaining an elite defender in acquiring him.

Zach also dived into Wembanyama’s recent performance surge on the court, particularly as he logged more minutes at center. The per 36 numbers provided emphasize his dominance over the last three weeks.

Shifting gears, it seems that upcoming Spurs games will be available on Amazon’s Prime Video streaming platform.

Lastly, let’s conclude with an appreciation post for Coach Popovich. These clips showcase his genuine care and passion for the game. While some may have questioned Popovich’s commitment at times this season, these moments demonstrate that the legendary coach still possesses the same fiery spirit.