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Victor Wembanyama says he appreciates a good threatening

Following a poor first half, the rookie bounced back in a big way in the second half.

San Antonio Spurs v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Adam Hagy/NBAE via Getty Images

On Monday afternoon’s game in Atlanta, we witnessed a different facet of Victor Wembanyama’s character. The San Antonio Spurs’ lackluster start prompted a benching of three starters, including Victor Wembanyama. It marked the rookie’s first encounter with that kind of adversity in the NBA, ultimately revealing a resilient side to him.

Undeterred by a scoreless first half where he missed all four field goal attempts, Wembanyama embraced the challenge, leading to a remarkable second-half turnaround. The rookie exploded with 26 points on 12-14 shooting from the field, accompanied by nine rebounds, two assists, and two blocks.

Post-game, Wembanyama openly shared with the media how the experience proved beneficial for his growth. He emphasized the importance of adapting to new roles and facing diverse conditions. The benching allowed him to observe the required intensity on the court displayed by the new starters.

Implementing such coaching strategies, particularly with a young superstar, could be a risky move. However, Wembanyama not only weathered Monday well, but also revealed a defining aspect of his character: he likes to be challenged

The passion, intensity, and competitiveness are so evident in this clip! I love seeing this with Wembanyama!

Great news! We’ll get to see Victor compete during this year’s All-Star break. Wemby announced his participation in this year’s skill challenge, hoping to maintain the momentum with the big man performing well in this event. I believe the rookie has the chance to take this award home!

Victor is in a category of his own, with this stat supporting the claim.

The second example showing Wemby is one of a kind.