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Victor Wembanyama’s unprecedented (low minutes) rookie run

Over the last two weeks, the rookie has taken a leap offensively.

Chicago Bulls v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Darren Carroll/NBAE via Getty Images

Rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama has been showcasing the best basketball of his career over the last two weeks, delivering an impressive stat line with an average of 23.4 points, 8.9 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 3.4 blocks. What sets him apart is not just the All-Star-worthy numbers he’s putting up for the San Antonio Spurs, but the fact that he doing it in remarkably limited playing time, clocking in at only 23.7 minutes per game. In essence, the rookie is averaging an incredible 0.99 points per minute on the floor during this remarkable stretch.

To provide some context, Joel Embiid, holding the top spot in points per minute with a minimum of 250 games played, stands at 0.87 while attempting 18.1 field goal attempts per game. Wembanyama’s achievement becomes even more noteworthy as he outpaces Embiid by 0.12 points, all while taking 2.8 fewer shots per game. His efficiency is obvious as he has learned to prioritize areas and actions where he can dominate.

In this same stretch, Wembanyama has been shooting the ball at an impressive 52.3% from the field and a respectable 35.1% from deep, attempting 5.3 threes per game. This offensive growth in a relatively small sample size has significantly bolstered his ROTY case, with fans and local media recognizing his improvement.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day, the stage is set for a narrative shift. The Spurs and Wambanyama are poised to grace the national stage, offering the rookie a significant opportunity to elevate his game. Anticipate abother statement performance from the rookie, dispelling any lingering doubts surrounding his exceptional talent.

Here’s an entertaining comparison between Wemby and his idol, Kevin Durant.

The rookie has been on fire, spearheading the Spurs’ recent success with an impressive +37 in just 41 minutes of play.

In Wemby’s latest game, he went on a dazzling run, scoring 13 consecutive points for the Spurs, showcasing a mix of dunks and three-pointers. Exactly what you love to see from the rookie!

This photo speaks volumes - Wemby makes a seven-footer look like a guard.

Watching the rookie warm-up is always a delight, showing an impressive level of coordination for someone of his height.