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On the sideline with Pop

NBA on TNT’s Audio Assist

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

I realize the Spurs have had some games since they played the Milwaukee Bucks on January 4th, but there were so many great things happening. I am still unpacking.

First of all, if losing could be celebrated, that was the first game where the Spurs really looked like they could steal a win after a drought. The compare and contrast discussions between Wembanyama and Antetokounmpo took the telecast to another level.

Second, as previously mentioned, I exorcised my demons pertaining to a fondness for Bobby Portis.

And third, the game was on TNT.

While I love watching the games on Bally Sports, and appreciate having hosts who are associated with the franchise and therefore spend a large majority of their time and energy breaking down stats and trends pertaining to the Spurs, a different perspective is sometimes appreciated.

When the Spurs are on TNT, they offer a feature called Audio Assist. Usually, they mic a player. It can be lackluster, mostly someone cheering on their teammate or hollering.

But the January 4th game featured Pop.

While they do not air strategic sideline conversations, it is cool to hear Pop addressing the players, giving them some motivation, and generally pushing them to prepare for the next few minutes.

It may not be lifechanging, but definitely an interesting aspect to witness since it is not something we get on a regular basis.

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