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The best parts of the Spurs blowout win over the Hornets

You don’t drive with your eyes; you drive with your heart.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

The young Spurs got a taste of a blowout victory earlier in the week, and apparently wanted more. Led by Victor Wembanyama, the good guys rolled out to two straight wins (buy a lotto ticket!) behind his 26 points and 11 rebounds in an uber efficient 19:41 minutes of playing time. Doug McDermott, living behind the three-point line, drained 4 - 6 shots from downtown while Jeremy Sochan contributed 13 points and 6 boards.

Wow. Turns out that two wins in a row can feel even better when they both come as the team is coasting through the fourth quarter.

In a game where it seemed like the Spurs machine was firing on all cylinders, several highlights stood out. In this sequence, Sochan displayed his defensive prowess and subsequent court vision to push the ball to an open Devin Vassell for the three in transition.

It feels like despite all the raw talent on this team, Sochan, in particular, taking another leap (and being more consistent) would really push this squad to the next level.

Blake Wesley got into the NFL playoff spirit with a pick-2 the other way for the easy jam. The second-year guard’s minutes have been sporadic this season, but his energy level for this game matched the team’s overall vibe.

Keldon Johnson sent the Spurs off into the fourth quarter in style with a shot clock buzzer beating shot. The Spurs as a team shot a decent 47.4% from downtown, going 18 - 38 overall. When the threes are raining down and the dunks are plentiful, all is right in the world.

Victor Wembanyama back-to-back-to-back dunks, a thread:

(1) I call this one “A New Hope”: fresh, optimistic, genre-changing, and not yet sullied by Disney or J.J. Abrams.

(2) I call this one “Aliens”: basically Victor Wembanyama and Sigourney Weaver are out of this world and are two of the few people capable of making sequels better than the original.

(3) I call this one “Toy Story 3”: as in if I leave this mortal coil today and all I know is that Toy Story 4 doesn’t exist because 3 was the perfect ending to the trilogy, and Wembanyama is going to deliver at least 3 consecutive NBA titles, then that’s all folks!

I’ve got a fever. And the only prescription is more lobs to Wembanyama for easy dunks. (And cowbells? Ok. Sure. More cowbells too.)

If you missed the game because you were too busy stocking up on toilet paper and H-E-B Southern Style Breaded Chicken Strips ahead of the winter storm, here are the full-game highlights:

Next up, the Spurs remain at home to take on the Chicago Bulls on Saturday, January 13, 2024.