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Victor Wembanyama continues to make history

Wemby showcased his passing skills Wednesday night, securing his first triple-double.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Detroit Pistons Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Last Thursday, following a nail-biting loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, Victor Wembanyama made a bold declaration, noting that every game from now on is a “statement.” The rookie didn’t just talk the talk; he backed it up with a historic performance Wednesday night in Detroit, achieving his first career triple-double in only 21 minutes on the court.

This impressive accomplishment makes him the youngest big man to record a triple-double and the tallest player to do so with assists. The Spurs strategically ran their offense through the rookie, resulting in an impressive display of his skills. Wembanyama took on the role of a point guard at times, delivering some jaw-dropping passes. One that stood out was a full-court dime to Jeremy Sohan after grabbing a rebound.

As impressive as that play was, Wembanyama singled out his favorite pass—a between-the-legs assist to Julian Champagnie, leaving everyone in awe.

His recent games suggest that the Spurs have turned a corner and are beginning to understand how to play alongside Victor. The team demonstrated improved off-the-ball movement, resulting in easy scoring opportunities thanks to Wemby’s passing range.

Looking ahead, it’s reasonable to expect more of the offense to keep running through Wembanyama when he’s on the court. Wednesday’s triple-double wasn’t a fluke, expect the rookie to have more nights like this. The only lingering question: will his next triple-double be with assists or blocks?

After the game, Victor addressed the minute restriction in his press conference. The rookie expressed how great his body feels and wouldn’t be surprised if the restriction is lifted sooner rather than later, expressing eagerness to play more minutes.

Despite these restrictions, his performance over the last six games has been incredible. One can only imagine what he could achieve playing 30 to 35 minutes per game.

While we always knew Wemby was special, the rookie has wasted no time carving his name into the history books.

The Spurs’ rookie currently holds the eighth position in frontcourt votes for the All-Star game. Spurs fans, it’s time to rally and vote for our beloved Frenchman!