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Analyzing Victor Wembanyama’s shooting evolution

Despite early challenges shooting the ball efficiently, Wembanyama has shown signs of improvement in recent games.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout his rookie campaign, Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama has encountered some challenges with his shooting efficiency. It’s not uncommon for rookies to face early struggles, but recent developments over the last couple of weeks are undeniably positive. Wemby is displaying impressive splits, shooting 53/37/88% in his last five games, but it’s been a long road to get here.

Kirk Goldsberry’s chart unequivocally reveals Wemby’s dominance as a shooter from close range, securing the 4th spot in efficiency among 54 NBA players with at least 150 attempts. However, when it comes to shots from outside, the rookie finds himself at 83rd in efficiency among 83 players attempting at least 200 jumpers.

Victor has undergone a journey to discover his most effective spots on the court. The increased playing time at center, coupled with the inclusion of more natural point guards in the starting lineup, has undoubtedly contributed to his development.

Yet, a concerning aspect is that more than half of his 500 shots have been jumpers. As he continues to grow, there’s a need to adjust his shot diet, prioritizing close-range shots and incorporating some three-point shooting.

Despite the current sample size showcasing the rookie’s proficiency from close range, there’s anticipation for further improvement as he gains muscle and refines his skills. The end-of-season shot chart is eagerly awaited, with expectations for increased volume from close-range shots.

We’re back with Victor leading the NBA rookie chart!

Tonight’s game might not be the most compelling for many, but for just $20, you can snag tickets to witness Wemby in action!

It’s worth reminding ourselves that Victor stands tall at 7’4” and yet showcases remarkable coordination, as demonstrated by his soccer skills during warmup.

In The Ringer’s latest NBA player rankings, Wemby secured the 54th spot. Spurs fans, what are your thoughts on this placement?