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Spurs players receive NBA 2K24 ratings

The new version launches today

I must admit, the extensiveness of my gaming ended abruptly with the death of frog crossing a road during the summer of 1983.

That said, I have enjoyed watching the evolution of gaming as a spectator.

The industry is huge beyond what anyone could imagine back in the days of the arcade. Celebrities have been made out of successful gamers and arenas have been filled with fans watching these digital contests.

Today the NBA 2K24 launches.

Earlier this week they released ratings for the various players.

Our San Antonio Spurs were no exception.

The Spurs #1 draft pick has an 84 rating overall without ever stepping on the court in an official regular season NBA game.

Devin Vassell kicks off his fourth season in the NBA with a rating of 81.

Our dear Keldon Johnson is just below him with an 80.

The trio of Tre Jones, Jeremy Sochan, and Zach Collins all landed at 78 a piece.

For those of you out there versed in the game, do these ratings seem accurate? And how do they compare with the ratings of the members of the other 29 NBA teams,

Please share your modern-day gaming expertise with an old joystick master.

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