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How will the Spurs defense improve next season?

At least we know that it can’t get any worse.

2023 NBA California Classic - San Antonio Spurs v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

On this episode of the Four Down podcast, Jacob Douglas and I break down the defense the San Antonio Spurs played last season: mainly what went wrong, but also the few bright spots. After last week’s exploration of the offense, Jacob found the two positive areas from last year’s D: zone defense, and full court pressure. After laying the foundation for the near-disaster that was the rest of San Antonio’s attempts to keep their opponents from scoring, we shifted to who else needs to step up next to Victor Wembanyama so that the team can take some meaningful strides towards playing the kind of defense that Popovich-coached teams usually do.

Just in case Wemby doesn't have a Rudy Gobert-esque season as a rookie, it’s a good idea for expectations to be tempered. Tune in to find out what to pay close attention to aside from next years record!