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More proof that Victor Wembanyama has brought the Spurs back to national relevance

An ESPN reporter stationed in San Antonio? Bring it on.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs-Press Conference Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If all the media attention, primetime Summer League games, nationally-televised preseason games, and a jump from one nationally-televised regular season game the last two seasons to 19 next season wasn’t enough proof that Spurs are back to being relevant in the eyes of the sports media, how’s this: the Spurs are getting their own ESPN correspondent. That’s right, ESPN’s Andrew Lopez recently tweeted that he is moving to San Antonio to cover Victor Wembanyama and the Spurs.

While his previous assignment was in New Orleans to cover Zion Williamson — the previous heir to “most hyped rookie since LeBron James” — and he will still cover them from afar, the fact that ESPN has him physically relocating to San Antonio means we can expect almost daily coverage from one of the biggest sites in sports. (Although here’s to hoping his work is not behind a paywall on ESPN+.)

The last time the Spurs had an ESPN correspondent in San Antonio was Michael C Wright during the height of the Kawhi Leonard era, and he was pretty good to have around. Even during the height of their dynasty in the 2000’s, it felt like the Spurs never quite had the respect of the national media, but they do now in large part thanks to Wemby’s outgoing personality and international following. The Spurs are on center stage now, so hopefully they make the most of it.

If you want to keep up with Lopez and ESPN’s coverage of the Spurs, be sure to follow him on Twitter X at @_Andrew_Lopez. (But of course you should also stick around here for the best Spurs coverage! Wink, wink.) Six more days until Training Camp!