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Imagine finding yourself on a tour bus sitting next to Manu Ginobili

El Contusione spends a day seeing the sights

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Charlotte Hornets v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

I am an avid bicycle rider. I love to go all over the city. but since I saw a post a few years ago that Manu Ginobili rode on the greenways of San Antonio, I keep an eye peeled in hopes of crossing paths with El Corazon.

Bumping into your favorite San Antonio Spurs players is not the most unique experience in this small market basketball town where our greatest players not only stay for long chunks of their careers, but they make their home after retirement.

So it should come as no surprise that Manu was out and about enjoying San Antonio. But what may come as a shock as he was on the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus. That’s right, the man who spent sixteen years in San Antonio as a ball player just took his first go-round as a tourist.

Can you imagine visiting San Antonio from Anywhere, U.S.A. and sitting next to a guy who “looks like that Argentinian ball player.”

Did anyone on that bus known it was him? Or did he blend in with the dozens of people taking in The Alamo, Riverwalk, and Tower of The Americas?

Keep your senses alert, Pounders, you could just be sitting with an NBA Champion next time you ride the San Antonio River Barges.

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