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R.C. Buford and Peter J. Holt close out Bill Schoening’s Sound of Spurs podcast

“This is a different atmosphere than we most of the time feel when teams are rebuilding.”

2023 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

Throughout the 2022-2023 season, the Spurs Organization had multiple celebrations of the 50th season running simultaneously.

Bill Schoening, longtime radio announcer of the San Antonio Spurs, has been hosting a podcast throughout the season.

In this, the 25th and final episode of The Sound of Spurs podcast, Bill sits with R.C. Buford and Peter J. Holt to discuss the 50th anniversary, the Spurs legacy, and the future of the franchise going forward.

R.C. and Peter reminisce on the home games of the past season and how they brought back Spurs alumni, from players of each era of the Spurs history.

As Buford stated, “I think it was really helpful to recognize and to hear from the players who came back how meaningful their time here was. And I think we can be more intentional in the way we create and develop future alumni programming.”

As it is easy to see, the Spurs aren’t just about the present, they show respect those from the past as they continue to move forward.

Buford also expressed the excitement of the current the roster. “I think the connection of this group for a team who went through a challenging season but the connection of a group who never fragmented that believed in each other and cared for each other and trusted each other was really unique.”

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