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Improve your day with a glimpse of Tim Duncan on a wakeboard

Big Fun is living his best life this summer.

San Antonio Spurs v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Oh you thought August was a slow news period for the San Antonio Spurs and the NBA? Think again! Breaking news: Tim Duncan was spotted wakeboarding in an undisclosed location, and it looks like he was having a blast.

That’s 2024 Four-Star recruit Patrick Ngongba filming the Big Fundamental. Ngongba is the number #1 ranked senior in Virginia, who holds offers from Connecticut, Duke, Kansas State, Indiana and Kansas. It’s safe to say he picked a good role model to hang out with.

There may not be many images that scream SUMMER more than the big fundamental hanging 10 while Nelly’s “Country Grammar” play in the background. Immaculate vibes radiate off of the 3-second clip. We know Duncan is a man of the water, given his history as a swimmer, and one of my all-time favorite photos of him hanging out with a beluga whale.

Ngongba has since taken the video down from his website twitter page, seeing how Duncan prefers privacy. Or maybe Tom only wanted us to catch a glimpse of his retirement wakeboarding hobby. Just like a wise water spirit, giving surfers a glimpse at his majestic wakeboarding form before scraping it from the internet for eternity.