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Spurs predicted to win less than 30 games this season

The #1 draft pick is not expected to move the needle immediately.

2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

With Summer League out of the way, the draft done, and the dust on free agency settling, teams are beginning to show how they may look when the season tips off.

Josh Barton of sent out some predictions for every team except the Portland Trail Blazers. Apparently, the insecurity of Damian Lillard’s future has them in the dark a little longer. And consequently will effect at least one team when and if he lands in a new spot.

The over/under for the San Antonio Spurs is currently 28 12 wins. Last season they were opened at 24 12 wins and ended with 22.

Only expecting a gain of four wins may seem insulting, but as many pundits have pointed out, Victor Wembanyama’s impact may not be immediate. The comparisons to Tim Duncan and David Robinson have yielded conversations about how much older the Hall of Famers were as well as their longer pre-NBA careers preparing them for the rigors of the league.

While the Spurs would surprise oddsmakers with a huge leap, some teams are expected to improve. The teams with the biggest jumps from last season’s opening win totals are:

  • Oklahoma City: +17½
  • Indiana: +12
  • Utah: +12
  • Orlando: +10
  • Sacramento: +10

The teams with the biggest drops from last season’s opening win totals are:

  • Brooklyn: -14
  • Washington: -11½
  • Toronto: -9
  • Chicago: -8
  • Atlanta: -6
  • Los Angeles Clippers: -6

The Los Angeles Lakers (47½) and Phoenix Suns (52½) start with the exact same win totals despite major moves to their rosters.

As for the rest, visit their site.

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