Targeting Giannis?

Based on the latest statements from Giannis, he appears to be unsure of his future with Milwaukee and isn’t ready to commit to an extension. He wants to be sure that they are committed to winning a championship. If not it seems likely he is willing to move on. If he doesn’t sign an extension, he becomes a free agent after this season.

The Spurs aren’t currently in contention mode and seem to be content with rebuilding slowly. But could a stellar season from Wemby and a breakout from a Vassell/Branham/Sochan prompt the Spurs to accelerate the timeline? And if Giannis is disgruntled going into next off season would it make sense for the Spurs to pursue him?

We could add him along side Wemby and then use our assets to quickly build a contender around those two (with Vassell and Sochan and Branham still in tow). We could go get a better floor general and some more shooters to space the floor. Giannis and Wemby have the skills that with a few more players Pop could truely put a positionless team out on the floor. The length of Giannis and Wemby partnered with a Vassell, and a solid defensive floor general would cause fits for opposing teams.

Giannis could also serve as a perfect mentor for Wemby much like how Tim had D Robinson for his first few years in the league.

Would Giannis be willing to come to Spurs even if they weren’t immediately contenders, knowing that with Wemby by his side they could quickly get there? Does playing for Bud, a coach from Pops tree, or being a humble foreign born player give the Spurs any sort of inside track to getting Giannis? Does Giannis’s loyalty to his small market team and seeming comfort there make him more likely to pursue another small market team if he departs Milwaukee?

i could be way off base, but interesting thought experiment nonetheless.

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