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What did Jeremy Sochan do to Victor Wembanyama’s hair?

Wembanyama and Sochan are bringing fresh hairstyles to the Spurs weight room

Jeremy Sochan and Victor Wembanyama are creating an exciting duo for the San Antonio Spurs. With their history playing against each other overseas and outgoing personalities, they seem to be a match made in heaven. While we haven’t seen the two play together yet, we’ve caught glimpses of their budding friendship, including a new video courtesy of Sochan.

On Monday, Sochan posted an instagram story from inside the Spurs weight room. Wembanyama can be seen with a fresh new hairstyle – bleached blonde hair with a purple stripe down the middle. The look is a clear homage to Sochan’s hairstyles from last season.

It’s unclear if this was a voluntary style decision from Wembanyama, or his first experience with “rookie hazing.” Judging by the smile on his face and the banter with Sochan, I would assume the former. What can we call the Spurs new dynamic duo? I like the Salon Bros, or maybe “The Brothers in Vogue” to refer to their flair on and off of the court.

It’s not just the on-court synergy that fans can look forward to, but the off-court fun this combination will bring. According to “The Zodiac GM,” a Twitter account that breaks down NBA teams’ chemistry based on their astrology signs, Wembanyama and Sochan are a match written in the stars.

Only two more months until we get to see the on-court chemistry for ourselves. Bleached hair or not.