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Gregg Popovich signs new five-year contract with the Spurs

Not only is Pop back, but he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs vs Minesota Timberwolves Austin American-Statesman-USA TODAY NETWORK

Gregg Popovich is officially back as the coach of the San Antonio Spurs, having just signed a new five-year contract with the club. While his return is likely a surprise to no one, the length of the deal is a bit of surprise, as rumors of a more modest three-year deal are what have been circulating. Beyond the length, other details of the contract were not released (although it’s probably safe to assume there is a stipulation in there that he can retire whenever without consequence, as has always been the case).

The 2023-24 season will be 28th season as a head coach in the NBA, all of which have been with the Spurs, where he has become the winningest coach of all time. In a win against the Utah Jazz in March 2022, he surpassed Don Nelson for the most regular season wins in NBA history and did so in 370 fewer games. He has also led the Spurs to five championships.

While speculation swirls nearly every offseason that he could retire, he once again proved those predictions wrong by re-upping with the Spurs. He has reiterated many times that he will only stop coaching when he stops enjoying it, and not even a season in full rebuild mode has changed that. In fact, he even reiterated many times that after years of working with stars and championship-contending teams, he was enjoying the new challenge for working with young players and helping them realize their potential.

However, this season will bring a whole new level of excitement with the addition of top overall pick Victor Wembanyama. Not only is he the third top pick Pop has worked with, along with David Robinson and Tim Duncan, but with the stated goal for the Spurs to be to run last year’s squad back and see what that group can do with the newest addition, this promises to be a fun season while presenting Pop with a new coaching challenge along the way — something he will surely enjoy.

Welcome back, Coach Pop! (Not that we thought you were going anywhere.)