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Victor Wembanyama and his skyhook

Now we’re counting the days until we get to see it in action.

Victor Wembanyama visits with Media during 2023 NBA Draft week in New York City Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Victor Wembanyama recently admitted that he’s working on his version of a skyhook, which prompts some questions. Like, what would that what would that look like? What would the threat of a skyhook do to enable the rest of his game, as well as the whole San Antonio Spurs offense, and how long would that take until it’s ready for prime time?

Fortunately, Jacob Douglas was available to join me on episode 20 of the Four Down podcast and talk through all of the above with me, as well as what kind of offense will the Spurs feature next season, what kind of offense we can expect from the Spurs to begin the regular season, what Wemby did well in Summer League and the chances we’ll see those things come October, and finally, we discuss our favorite basketball movies of all time — as well as our runner ups.