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Manu Ginobili- “We didn’t win a championship because of me”

The Ring of the Rowel relives the 2013 NBA Finals

Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs, 2013 NBA Finals Set Number: X156677 TK1 R1 F5

The Spurs are the greatest sports franchise in history. End of story. (Mic drop)!

Okay, for those of you outside of Bexar County, you may have a point on which to disagree, but for the point of this article let’s just say they are extremely above average in this history of modern sports. Would that be agreeable?

The Spurs have been to the NBA Finals six times, but they only have five titles.

In Episode 46 of the 50th anniversary commemorative Spurs docusries, The Ring of the Rowel takes a trip down memory lane of the one blemish on an otherwise flawless record is the 2013 NBA Finals.

As unfortunate as that season ended, it set the table for one for the Spurs most celebrated NBA titles (which Marilyn posted about yesterday). The one in which the Big 3 cemented their legacy, a superstar began his rise, and one of the greats to coach the sport showing that an overlooked team in a small market city were not too old, too slow, or too boring.

By the way, fellow Pounder Devon Birdsong responded to a tweet — one of those that comes up every now and again where you have $15 to buy a Spurs team, and players are assessed a dollar value form $1-5. He chose “Tim, Manu, Aldridge, Green, and SlowMo” and although I like his take, I want to know what you think.

(Lastly, a huge thank you to Marilyn for kicking of the Open Thread over the last week. Loved her takes as well as some much needed time off.)

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