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A new Spurs arena may be coming sooner than expected

Rumor has it the Spurs exploring a possible new arena downtown, but they will encounter some pushback.

Put away those Spurs-to-Austin (or anywhere else) speculations, because a new Spurs arena may be coming sooner than expected. With the AT&T Center reaching its 20th anniversary last season, there had been rumors of building a new arena more in the heart of San Antonio somewhere in the semi-distant future.

While the AT&T Center was state-of-the-art when it was built in 2002 (and can somewhat be credited to Tim Duncan for its existence, as getting out of the Alamodome was one of his “requests” upon returning in free agency), many teams are now sporting newer arenas, and its location has never been perfect. Located about three miles away from downtown in an otherwise industrial/residential area that lacks restaurants or anywhere to hang out before or after games without driving, it hasn’t produced the economic boom the city had hoped it would.

Now, with new excitement surrounding the team due to the acquisition of Victor Wembayama, talks may be speeding up. While the Spurs haven’t publicly commented on the matter, there are rumors among the business side of the city that preliminary research is taking place on a possible downtown location for a Spurs arena.

Of course, there is also some pushback, with an example being former Bexar Country judge Nelson Wolff and current judge Peter Sakai, who feel the AT&T Arena is too young and has had too much money put into recent renovations to stop using it now and would rather pay for more renovations for the existing arena. (Not to mention, the new practice facility at The Rock at La Canterra just cost $500 million to build). The team’s lease on the arena expires in 2032.

What do you think, Pounders? Would you prefer to see a new arena in San Antonio, or keep finding ways to improve the “House that Timmy built”? Feel free to discuss that or any other topic in the comments below.

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