Personal stuff

My fiance died yesterday. We were together for 7 years or so--although sometimes it's hard to know when we started dating because she was very bad at remembering dates and she simply did not care about celebreting hem. I liked the idea of being unconventional in that way.

She was the most generous and talented person I've ever met, and was starting to become the scientist she had always wanted to be. We were most certainly an odd couple, I have been homeless, been on a band, did multiple things I'm not very proud off. She was a computer scientist, working at the NIH, and doing a PHD on bioinformatics.

She loved, and often made fun of, me posting on this blog comment section. She thought it was cute that I'd get so embarrassed about liking basketball and writing on the comment section of this site. She used to watch some games with me, and perhaps my favorite memory is when I tried to explain what was a PnR. She thought her favorite player bol bol was a Spur for the longest, and was happy we "tanked" and got Wemby because he reminded her of bol bol, I thought that was blasphemy.

I was debating whether or not to write something, but frankly, I needed something to do with my time. Also something didn't feel right about talking about baskeball like if nothing had happened.

Thank you to all of you for letting have this memory of her.

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