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Geeking out over Victor Wembanyama’s performance

I forget, is scoring a point per minute good, or no?

2023 NBA Summer League - San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

If his first game in Vegas made any San Antonio Spurs fans nervous, Victor Wembanyama’s performance on Sunday night should have induced a 180 degree change of heart. He scored a point per minute while on the floor, and looked more comfortable asserting his will on the game. The offense shifted from attempted post ups, to involving Victor in the pick and roll, and pick and pop, which seems to have helped the team get him the ball in his comfort zones. He flashed impressive ball handling skills multiple times, crossing over between his legs while guarded by guards (against Portland’s switch-heavy defense), and showed how good his shooting touch is from deep when his feet are set.

In the latest episode of the Four Down podcast, J.R. Wilco and I focus on what larger lessons can be taken from an exhibition basketball game, so we decided to ignore Brittney Spears and talk about the one handed tip rebound/dunk that Vic made look way too easy, his 180 degree turnaround jumper, CIA Pop and the likelihood we see Wemby play in any more Summer League games, and the other players who are shining in Las Vegas.