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Victor Wembanyama just showed up big in a big moment

A huge 4th quarter performance leads Mets 92 to the French Final and gives Wemby some clutch bona fides.


With other draft prospects participating in one-on-none workouts at NBA facilities across the country, Victor Wembanyama just led his Mets 92 squad to the French League Finals. A clutch fourth quarter performance on both ends of the floor from Wembanyama helped his team to their first ever Final over his former franchise. While plenty of stories about the intention and planning put into Wemby’s career have come out of the woodwork since the Draft Lottery was completed, not nearly as much attention has been paid to his on-court performance in June.

On the latest episode of Four Down, J.R. Wilco and I discuss the difference between seeing and hearing about greatness, where Jokic’s playoff runs stacks up historically, and how similar the 2023 Nuggets are to the Duncan Era Spurs. Also, the Game 1 win Nikola Jokic alongside a triple double, joining Jason Kidd as the only players to put up triple doubles in their NBA Finals appearance. Aside from a generational big man and a speedy point guard who prefers not to play defense, the 2023 Nuggets and the Tim Duncan era Spurs have a decent number of similarities.