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There’s something profound going on with Victor Wembanyama

The French phenom could give a TED talk on staying grounded.

JJ Reddick’s Youtube channel

The week after the draft for any number one pick can be quite chaotic with interviews, appearances, introductions and countless other responsibilities. With all the content created in such a short span, the most valuable soundbites can be lost in the mix. J.R. Wilco thinks the most insightful interview Victor Wembanyama gave during draft week came before the big night, on JJ Redick’s podcast, during a discussion about the movie Inception, and the theme of totems.

Wemby’s answer sheds light on how comfortable, prepared, and intentional he is as a person in the spotlight. He left Reddick, J.R., and myself stunned with the simplicity and complexity of his thought process. The discussion of responding to pressure led to talk of freedom, the universe, how Victor’s personality could shape the Spurs franchise moving forward, what kind of offense the San Antonio Spurs will be using this season, and I share my pet theory about media training for all Spurs employees.