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Victor Wembanyama’s real height is finally revealed

It’s somewhere in the middle of where everyone has been predicting.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs-Press Conference Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The actual height of Spurs rookie Victor Webanyama has been a mystery for a while now, with answers varying depending on who you ask. He was listed as 7’2” by France a year ago, but after a supposed growth spurt, 7’5” has been floating around as his official height (with debate swirling over whether that was with shoes or not). ESPN even used 7’5” in the Draft broadcast to show that he was third tallest height ever drafted, after Manute Bol and Ghoerghe Muresan at 7’7”, and Shawn Brandley, Tacko Fall, Slavko Vranes and Yao Ming at 7’6”.

However, according to Mike Finger of the San Antonio Express News, the Spurs measured him at his introductory press conference WITHOUT shoes, and he measured right in the middle of all the predictions at 7’3.5”. In fact, I bet no one even predicted that because who guesses in decimals? (Outside of gambling, of course.)

But on the day of his introductory press conference at the AT&T Center on Saturday, Wembanyama took off his shoes, straightened his back, stood still, and allowed his new employers to take a true scientific accounting of the distance between the top of his scalp and the soles of his feet.

The exact number, per a Spurs official?

Seven feet, three-and-one-half inches.

So it turns out while everyone who said he had grown in the last year was right, 7’5” was a stretch (no pun intended), and if it was an actual measurement from some point, it was clearly taken with shoes (or someone miscalculated when translating from the metric system). Still, that doesn’t mean the 19-year-old is done growing. His official measurements for the 2023-24 NBA season will be taken at training camp, and who knows? Maybe he will be 7’4” by then. If nothing else, he’s certainly the tallest player ever drafted by the Spurs, and we have proof: