Sidy Ciss G League Ignite Video....

I Just spent a great eleven minutes watching this Youtube tape of Sidy Cissoko performing last season for the Ignite, and I have to tell ya'all I am totally impressed. Parts of this reel were downright mesmerizing. This kid (man) is the real deal.

What I was most impressed with were Sidy's handles....and I am going out on a limb for the first time here and making a prediction that Ciss is our 6'8" point guard of the future. He's fast, incredibly smooth with both hands, an imaginative passer, flies at the rim for near effortless dunks, and shows a couple of patented spin and finish moves that left me wowing. He's also no slouch on defense and can extend and block shots using his quickness and length.

I realize this is only the G League....and I also see that it is basically a highlight film, but if even half of what I watched can translate to the big league, I will bow down to PATFO for what they just did with a pick number 44!!

Sidy already has me leaving past fond visions of Dejounte Murray and Derrick White behind me...Enjoy Pounders.


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