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The Spurs’ home preseason schedule has been released

A brewing bitter rival visits twice in the preseason.

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NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs have released their home preseason schedule, and it immediately promises to be interesting for more reasons than just the official debut of top overall pick Victor Wembanyama. After the defending Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat roll into town on October 13, the other two home games be against the Houston Rockets in a division rivalry that has been a little dormant lately but recently started bubbling to the surface again ever since the Spurs won the lottery.

Anyone who is active in the world of Spurs Twitter has probably seen how much the IH-10 rivalry has exploded in recent weeks, from a viral video of Rockets fans reacting to the Spurs winning the lottery (warning: language), to them taking offense to Wemby’s seemingly “positive” reaction to Houston getting the 4th pick, and tearing him down as a bust for a viral video from Saturday when we wasn’t make shots during a photoshoot following his introductory press conference.

It’s gotten much dirtier than that in ways we won’t divulge here, but suffice it to say, after years of just fleeting moments here and there for each fanbase to cling to (such as the 1995 Western Conference Finals, 13-in-35, and Manu Ginobili’s block of James Harden), we finally have a new level of bitterness to bring everything back to the surface. It never really happened while both teams were experiencing varying levels of success in the last few decades — the Rockets were the only West team Tim Duncan never met in the playoffs — but now, despite both teams trying to rise back up from the bottom, the rivalry is as bitter as ever, and fans can see it firsthand in the preseason, as well as get their first look at a Spurs squad with a new star, new goals, and new outlook.

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