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The Milwaukee Bucks should set their sights on Damian Lillard

Let’s start sorting teams into Win Now vs. Rebuild

2023 NBA All Star Game Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Yes, this is still a Spurs blog, and yes, the Spurs just landed Victor Wembanyama, the most significant player since LeBron James moved 40 miles north of Akron to take over the NBA.

I promise you there is no shortage of Wemby hot takes and there will continue to be a flood until he takes his first shot and we all claim a new king (sorry, LeBron).

I was taken aback at the amount of trading that went into Draft Night. Also blown away by how many teams made big moves due to the new collective bargaining agreement. I feel that if I was able to trace all the trades and draft picks to their original I would be eligible for a PhD in NBA, or at least a smiley face sticker or something.

Chris Paul is now with Golden State, and Jordan Poole, the most viable candidate to usher in the next generation of Warriors is a Wizard.

Kristaps Porzingis left the District of Columbia for Bean Town, Bradley Beal is in Phoenix, Marcus Smart to Memphis, Tyus Jones to Washington. It’s crazy.

But here’s a thought- Kris Middleton declined his offer to stay in Milwaukee. The Bucks need a “win now” guy to add their roster. From all the draft prospects the Portland Trail Blazers picked up Thursday night, it looks like a rebuild and youth movement are in their sights.

Damian Lillard to Milwaukee.

That’s it. My take for the day. I’d love thoughts and insight. I’m gonna do this regularly until I can see where everyone landed and how the future looks for those teams.

There are 29 teams that do not want to see the San Antonio Spurs go from one of the worst records in 2022-2023 to playoff contenders a year later.

We need to determine how they plan to stop us.

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