Is this a good outcome for the Spurs???

So, the Spurs got their man in Wemby, and then they hit one of their targets in Cissoko with the 44th pick.

But what about the rest of the off-season?

Could the 2023-24 Spurs look something like this????

PG: Tre Jones, Tyus Jones (see below), Wesley

SG: Vassell, Branham, Cissoko

Wings: Johnson, McDermott, Champagnie

PF: Sochan, Wemby, KBD

C: Collins, Bassey, Mamu

Two-Ways: Rice, Barlow, ?

Bringing back KBD, Mamu and Champagnie on cheap short contracts would be handy for the Spurs. Tre Jones is brought back on a $40mil/4yr contract.

But Tyus Jones???? Yeah, this may be a thing - not that I have heard anything, but it makes sense for at least a season - so hear me out.

The trade....

Spurs get: Tyus Jones

Wizards get: Graham, Birch, future 2nd Rd pick

Reasoning: Spurs more than likely won't get their starting PG of the future this season, so they tread water in that spot with Tre and his brother. In the mean time Wesley either pans out or he doesn't, and the Spurs see if Cissoko can unlock his PG skills further (which they have said was a key point they liked). It also clears out Birch's contract and re-routes Graham to the Wizards who are obviously in rebuild mode.

Brian Wright has said that they are looking to the 2023-24 season as a wait and see how the current players mesh with Wemby. Therefore, the real roster changes are likely to occur after this coming season.

Is this actually likely to happen???? Probably not, but I think it is a simple, cost effective way to move forward, whilst still giving Wemby time and space to mesh with the current Spurs.

What do you think????

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