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The Spurs have selected Victor Wembanyama with the 1st overall pick

A new era begins now.

Associated Press

This is a moment Spurs fans could only fantasize about for the past few years. It then became closer to reality when they won the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery a month ago, and now it’s real: 7’5” French phenom Victor Wembanyama is officially a San Antonio Spur. In a surprise to no one, the Spurs selected him 1st overall from Metropolitans 92, where he averaged 21.6 points, 10.4 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 3 blocks while winning the LNB Pro A MVP title and leading the Mets to the Finals. He is widely considered to be the greatest NBA prospect since LeBron James.

As if it hasn’t already been covered enough, we’ll have more of what this means for the Spurs shortly. As of now, the Spurs will pick again in the second round at 33rd and 44th (via Toronto), but with rumors swirling that they are hoping to acquire another first round pick, it could come sooner, so be sure to stick around.

Welcome to San Antonio, Victor!