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Wembanyama was solid but had little help in Mets 92 Game 3 loss

ASVEL blows out Mets 92 in Game 3 crashing Wemby’s highlight party


With a chance to advance to the LNB Pro A Finals, Mets 92 and ASVEL found themselves in a close game at the half with a score of 37-34 with ASVEL leading before the Mets were run out the gym in the second half, losing 86-59.

Future Spur, Victor Wembanyama, as usual, had his moments on offense and defense throughout the game despite his team’s poor performance. Pre-game, he treated the fans to a between the legs dunk during warmups.

Early on, he blocks a three pointer, runs down court for the fast break, and hits a deep jumper.

He comes off a screen to the opposite block and knocks down a baby hook over a smaller defender.

Another mid-range jumper:

A powerful block:

As mentioned earlier, the game was close at the half. Starting in the 3rd quarter, Mets 92 lost hold of the game and then completely abandoned the game in the 4th. As a result, Wemby didn’t see many minutes in the second half, finishing with 13 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 blocks.

Also of note, ASVEL carried over their same game plan from Game 2 in testing Wembanyama one on one. Several times throughout the game, ASVEL would have Youssoupha Fall (7ft 3in 271 lbs) post up Wemby, and he struggled a bit with Fall’s large frame. Likewise, he also got dunked on a few times in Game 3, most notably from 6ft 8in forward Alex Tyus.

To be fair, Wemby was basically an island by himself with not much support from his teammates. Looking forward, he likely won’t have that issue with a Popovich coached defense.

Game 4 will be Sunday, June 4 at 10 AM CT on the official NBA app.