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A flow chart determining who the Spurs will take in the 2023 NBA Draft

What do the tea leaves tell us about the 1st selection in this year’s draft?

NBA: Draft Lottery David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

In the niche 2018 motion picture Avengers: Infinity War, a character called Dr. Strange taps into his sorcering powers to gaze deep into millions of possible outcomes that splinter from one single point — worlds ending, Good’s fraught struggle against Evil, life itself dangling in the balance. If that doesn’t sound like draft night, I don’t know what does, which is why for years we at Pounding the Rock have conducted my own version of this exercise through the medium of flow charts, analyzing various paths the San Antonio Spurs might go down depending on the spectrum of decisions that might precede theirs.

In the 2023 NBA Draft, the table’s set much differently. The Spurs own the very first pick for the first time this century and are thus masters of their own destiny. For the sake of tradition, however, and on the chance that they do consider more than one option with that selection, we’ll continue laying out those paths — this time through the power of video.

You can read up on what we did for 2020, 2021, and 2022, but the clip below recaps those flowcharts, as well as their eventual outcomes, before breaking down this Thursday’s 14 million possible scenarios.