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How many points will Victor Wembanyama average in his rookie season?

How will the rookie big adapt to the NBA game, and will it suit him better than Europe?


Spurs fans are getting a taste of what their future may hold watching Victor Wembanyama in the LNB Pro A playoffs. Metropolitans 92 is in a 0-2 hole to Monaco, but still have a chance to take the series. Wemby has struggled to find the same success he had earlier in the tournament, in the finals. It has lead many to ask the question: will the NBA game suit him better?

He’s averaging 21.6 points, on 47% from the field and 27.5% from three this season. Playing in an NBA system that gets up and down, and spaces the floor better could cause a jump in his scoring average and efficiency. In his two games played with an American setting, the big man scored 36 and 37 points on efficient shooting.

On the newest episode of the Four Down podcast, J.R. Wilco and I discussed Wemby’s scoring potential. What the Spurs medical staff meeting with Wembanyama in France means. How the Vegas odds makers may not be the most reliable source for NBA free agent news, as well as the Denver Nuggets NBA Championship.