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The fantastic story of the San Antonio Spurs could not have existed without the people who brought them here and made sure they stayed

Red McCombs believed if you have a pro sports team you could see the city all over the world

San Antonio Spurs v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

From the San Antonio Spurs humble beginnings in 1973 (the team was originally leased for $1), Red McCombs was determined to put San Antonio on the map though the vision of bringing a major sports franchise to the Alamo City.

“Red was a mover shaker he was the guys who could brand everything in San Antonio, “ stated former Spurs forward Coby Dietrick.

McCombs professionalism from sponsors to ticketing led to the success that permeated their half-century of greatness.

In the “Bosses” episode of The Ring of the Rowel, the Spurs take a behind the scenes look at Angelo Drossos’ push of the Spurs into the NBA. McCombs even admitted not thinking that the Spurs would get into the NBA though the 1976 merger.

Drossos created the salary cap and the incentives at a time when no sport had them. Now, every major sport has some semblance of what the Spurs created.

Enjoy episode 31 one of the Spurs 50th anniversary docuseries.

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