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Blowouts making NBA Playoffs unwatchable

Uncompetitive games leave fans scratching their heads after monster wins and losses

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors - Game Two Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I’m sitting here trying to enjoy the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals, but the Miami Heat are up 77 to 58 with 3:57 left in the 3rd quarter and I am bored.

The Warriors obliterated the Lakers two nights ago. Tuned out during the 3rd frame of that one as well.

It’s great when your team wins and exciting when their lead is comfortable enough to allows fans to stop panicking. But when you really don't care who wind or looses and you just want to see some good basketball…

Warriors by 27 in Game 2. Celtics by 33 in Game 2. Nuggets by 18 in Game 1. All this week.

In round one, the Warriors closed out their series with a definitive 20 point drubbing after losing by 19 the game before. Meanwhile the Lakers knocked out the second seeded Memphis Grizzlies with an impressive 40 point victory after losing by 17 in the previous game.

But this is the second round. Shouldn't this riff-raff have been knocked out in the first round?

If a team is going to win by so much, shouldn’t they be able to sweep a series?

I get that teams adjust. I can appreciate that teams are playing without superstars, but the Heat won without Jimmy Butler, the 76ers won without Joel Embiid. So arguing that a team will struggle without a key player does not hold water.

I mean, I am starting to talk like Stephen A. Smith over here.

As I peek back up at the TV, New York is still down by 18. Might be time to find something else to watch.

Wait...there was an altercation between Julius Randle and Cody Zeller. Gotta go.

Maybe this will be worth watching after all.

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