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Boris Diaw explains the key to the Spurs’ Beautiful Game

Bobo loved his time in San Antonio playing unselfishly with Tony Parker.

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game Two Photos by Chris Covatta/NBAE via Getty Images

When Boris Diaw sat with Bill Schoening on his Sound of Spurs podcast, the talk turned to what made The Beautiful Game possible:

“I think about the team play, and the unselfishness, and the players looking for each other.”

Diaw also discussed his journey to the NBA. The son of two athletes, he knew at an early age that basketball was his passion, but he hadn’t anticipated the future he had in basketball.

Together Boris and Tony Parker created a bond playing in France that led them both to the NBA where they shared the 2014 title with the San Antonio Spurs.

His relationship with Tony Parker grew from playing with him in school as teens in Paris. With the youth national team, their bond solidified. Diaw’s addition to the Spurs came with high praise and great reward.

Boris talks about how he fit in with the Spurs, the “melting pot” of Spurs players, and playing for Greg Popovich, and then he discusses the legendary 2013 and 2014 finals.

Friendships created in San Antonio (including the Coffee Club) made Boris’ time in San Antonio his home. Although he spends time on his boat traveling the world, the Alamo City maintains a place in his heart.

Enjoy the whole conversation below:

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