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Discussing Keldon Johnson’s fit with Wemby

And what if Victor leads his team to a French title?

Minnesota Timberwolves v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

As summer approaches, talk of player movement and potential trades is heating up. San Antonio Spurs fans might have noticed Keldon Johnson’s name included in any number of theoretical trades the last few weeks. A clearly talented player on a team-friendly contract could be San Antonio’s best asset to trade for another lottery pick, or a player on another team they think would better complement Wembanyama. Or he could be a long-term running partner for the French phenom.

With a strong Game 1 showing from Victor Wembanyama, Mets 92 win over ASVEL got them one win closer to winning a championship. While the team is not expected to finish atop the LNB this season, as this year’s NBA playoffs have shown, anything is possible. While the franchise would never admit it publicly, San Antonio might actually prefer a shorter postseason for their presumed star-in-waiting, since playing any basketball incurs risk of injury. But if Victor leads his team to a title, would there be any impact felt in San Antonio?

On Episode 6 of the Four Down podcast, Jacob Douglas and I discuss Victor’s playoff performance, KJ’s potential role next to the number one pick, what skills we hope the young Spurs are working on in the gym this summer, and celebrate Derrick White’s heroics!