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Wembanyama leads Mets 92 to Game 3 victory in the LNB Pro A Quarterfinals

Wembanyama added 19 PTS in Metropolitans 92 Game 3 victory over Cholet in the LNB Pro A Quarterfinals 


Victor Wembanyama led Mets 92 to another impressive playoff victory to eliminate Cholet from the LNB Pro A Quarterfinals. The Mets 92 started the game red hot and had a first half lead of 42-24 led by 13 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 block on 6-10 shooting.

Metropolitans 92 would hang on to the lead and win the game 81-69 over Cholet. Wemby’s final stats were 19/9/4/2 on 8-16 shooting in 33 mins played.

For highlights, we see Wemby finish strong at the hoop with a powerful dunk, hit a nice mid-range jumper, attack the boards on the offensive end for a put back, and post up with a finishing hook shot.

Looking ahead, Metropolitans 92 will take on ASVEL Basket next week in the LNB Pro A semifinals. Also, just to note, Wemby played for ASVEL from 2021-2022 and ASVEL’s team president is Spurs legend Tony Parker.