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Happy birthday to Jeremy Sochan

The former Baylor Bear turns 20 today

San Antonio Spurs v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Jeremy Sochan turns 20-years-old today. He is the last of the trio of 2023 draftees to leave the teens behind.

What do you get for the team who just saw their three recent draft picks turn 20? How about a 19-year-old generational phenom.

It is quite possible that next season’s starting five could consist solely of Spurs draft picks. Tre Jones(#41 in 2020), Devin Vassell (#11 in 2020), Keldon Johnson (#29 in 2019), Victor Wembanyama (#1 in 2023), and Jeremy Sochan (#9 in 2022) are all primed for an overhaul of collaboration and greatness.

And Jeremy has definitely made his mark on the NBA this season.

He doesn’t back down in the face of adversity, just ask Markieff Morris.

He’s not afraid to call out superstars.

And he doesn’t care what his free throw shot looks like, as long as it goes in.

Sochan is the most exciting player to join the Spurs in a long time. Just check out these highlights from his rookie season.

His massive dunks have earned him the moniker “Sochan The Destroyer” by at least one analyst.

Spurs fans have a lot for which to be excited, and Sochan is at the nucleus.

Pink, green, yellow, brown, or fiesta-colored hair, it makes no difference. His offensive and defensive prowess is in its larval stage.

Just wait and see what he brings to his game next season.

Happy birthday, Jeremy.

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