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Celebrate Wembanyama with a “Wemby” T-shirt

Out first t-shirt in quite some time comes at a great time!

Those who regularly read this site know I write a daily post called the Open Thread. What you may not know is that I worked my way onto the site with a blog I wrote about PtR’s t-shirts.

I love the shirts we have released over the years, and I doubt that anyone is more excited about our return to the merch business with a shirt to celebrate the San Antonio Spurs nabbing the #1 pick in the NBA draft.

Victor Wembanyama is most assuredly going to a member of the Silver & Black, and I’m willing to bet he’ll look fantastic in fiesta colors!

If you have never owned a PtR shirt by BreakingT, you should know that they’re amazingly comfortable and outlast your everyday run-of-the-mill t-shirt.

Click HERE to get your WEMBY and support the editor-in-chief as he prepares to put his kids though higher education.