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Discussing the Spurs’ Victor-y in the NBA Draft Lottery

It was a perfect night.

2023 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Kamil Krzaczynski/NBAE via Getty Images

In fifty years as a franchise, the Spurs have missed the playoffs only eight times. Six of those years, they missed by enough to be in the NBA Lottery. This year, on the 6th try, they won their third ever First overall pick! Not only is that an incredible record in the lottery, but to compound the luck and win the right to draft the 3rd generational big man, in as many picks, is outright insane. You couldn’t write a movie script any better.

Jacob Douglas invited me to share in the excitement and talk about what this means for the Silver and Black in the upcoming offseason, next year’s on court product, the potential impact on the legacy of the franchise, and Victor Wembanyama as an individual (because we’re straight up assuming that’s who the Spurs will pick).

Does winning the Lottery change offseason plans? Will Wembanyama be able to carry an NBA team to the playoffs as a rookie? Should they make a big swing and add more talent around the number one pick in an attempt to compete for championships immediately, or will they take a more methodical approach and allow the speed of Wemby’s development to determine the pace at which they add free agents around him?

Grab your favorite celebratory drink and check out the next episode of The Four Down Podcast!