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The San Antonio Spurs will pick 1st in the 2023 NBA Draft!!!

It turns out lightning can strike


The lottery gods have smiled upon San Antonio Spurs once again!!! For the third time, they have won the NBA draft lottery in the right year and will pick first overall, with a chance to pick one of the most coveted prospects of all time and a potential generational talent in French Forward Victor Wembanyama.

Everything went according to plan until the Pistons dropped to 5th, their worst possible spot after finishing the season with the worst overall record. The other top four picks will be made by the Charlotte Hornets at 2nd, Portland Trail Blazers at 3rd, and Houston Rockets at 4th. (If you want to see how it all worked, click here.)

Stick around at Pounding the Rock for more coverage on the lottery tonight, such as what this means for the Spurs going forward, and continue stay here all offseason for coverage of the draft, previews of draft prospects, free agency and Summer League. The Draft itself will be on Thursday, June 22. The Spurs also have two second round picks at 32nd and 44th (acquired from the Toronto Raptors).

Have an amazing night, Pounders!!!!! You can officially dream of Wemby now!