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Determining how this season will measure up over the Spurs 50 years

You can’t always tell by wins and losses

Portland Trailblazers v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Today the 50th season of the San Antonio Spurs officially comes to a close. Where will this season’s youth movement rank in the fifty year history of the Alamo City sports franchise? By winning percentage, this is one of the worst in their history. But by that metric, their 2007 NBA championship season would rank 13th. I think fans would agree winning a title moves it up in the rankings.

And judging by wins causes some rift in years where the 82-game season was disrupted. 1999’s 37-13 record places that season in the bottom 3rd of their career, and no one would rank their first title as one of the worst seasons (unless an asterisk is attached to that year, and what kind of man would require an asterisk to define a championship?).

So as we move into the off season, we will rank the Spurs 50 years.

5 NBA Championships. 6 trips to the Finals. Another 8 trips to the Conference Finals.

7 seasons with 60+ wins. 29 seasons with 50+ wins. Great players, come and gone. Individual accolades, team recognition. Three different major arenas. One Coyote...sort of.

Start thinking about how you’d rank the Spurs entire career and we’ll see over the summer how these years are remembered by the fans who have lived with the ups nd the downs, the wins and the losses, the stars and the role players. The “Pop” era and the other not-so-Pop times.

Do you have a favorite span of Spurs? Does a specific player enhance your memory of a season? Does a another detract?

Take a look and get yourself amped up for a wild offseason of Spurs basketball.

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