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“The Bruise Brothers” take center stage in The Ring of The Rowel

The Spurs docuseries continues down memory lane.

San Antonio Spurs James Silas... SetNumber: X23087

Episode 28 of The Ring of the Rowel is out. “The Bruise Brothers” took San Antonio by storm and created an air of whimsy off the court while playing hard-nosed basketball on the court.

The Bruise Brothers were the six San Antonio Spurs big men. Together Dave Corzine, Reggie Johnson, Paul Griffin, Mark Olberding, Kevin Restani and George T. Johnson cultivated the air of a force with which to be reckoned while simultaneously being fun.

In the early 1980s, the Spurs crew got their notoriety playing a physical game leading the league in rebounds and blocked shots. They ended the 1981 season 52-30 and won a division title.

Recently, former Bruiser Paul Griffin sat with Bill Schoening on his Sound of Spurs podcast. They talked about the old crew and what it meant to be part of that San Antonio era.

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