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Talkin’ smack to LeBron James

Dillon Brooks is amped up

Los Angeles Lakers v Memphis Grizzlies - Game One Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

It started with a quote:

“I wouldn’t mind playing LeBron in a 7-game series,” stated Grizzlies bulldog Dillon Brooks. “The legacy is there. First time back in the playoffs, knock him out right away. They’ll test us good. They got good pieces, good players. That’ll be a good first-round matchup for us.”

The positive spin is that Brooks wanted his Memphis squad put to a real test right out of the gate. But some interpreted it as talking himself up as he prepared to face this generation’s best player.

And as the Grizzlies are learning, Postseason LeBron is a notch or two higher than regular season LeBron.

And he’s giving as good as he gets.

But Dillon Brooks is enjoying getting into the face of LeBron James. During Game 2, clips of the two vocally sparring as they jog the distance of the court led me to believe he is baiting LeBron to push the energy level up.

Maybe Postseason Dillon Brooks is just a notch higher than regular season Dillon Brooks.

You enjoying the playoffs?

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