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Bruise Brother Paul Griffin sits with Bill Schoening on The Sound of Spurs podcast

Another former Spur makes his home in san Antonio

San Antonio Spurs v Washington Bullets

Paul Griffin may have been born in Michigan, but like so many former players, the Spurs big man has made San Antonio his permanent home.

Drafted by the New Orleans Jazz (makes sense as Salt Lake City isn’t known for its Dixieland sound), Griffin spent his first three seasons with the Jazz.

In 1979, Griffin joined the Spurs and became one of the Bruise Brothers. Along with Dave Corzine, Reggie Johnson, Mark Olberding, Kevin Restani and George T. Johnson, the sextet helped the fledgling small market NBA team garner some knowledge and appreciation.

During 1980-81 season, they led the NBA in rebounds and blocked shots leading the Spurs to a 52–30 record and a division title. Their brand of basketball was built on hustle, physicality, and a work ethic that continues to permeate the Spurs culture to this day.

Griffin played his final four seasons with the Spurs before retiring and moving into the insurance business.

Griffin was also celebrated during a home game last month as part of the 50th anniversary “Welcome Back” series.

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