Spurs To Get a Third Two-Way Roster Spot Next Season

Good morning all,

For those who missed it, the NBA and NBPA finalized negotiations on a 7-year extension of the CBA last night. This extension includes some significant, though not exactly league-altering, changes. I think one of the more significant changes for the Spurs in the 23-24 season (when the extension goes into effect), is that rosters are being expanded to include a third two-way contract. While this affects every team, I think it has more significance for rebuilding programs like us and definitely has ramifications for the offseason. To name a couple: (1) It make it more likely a player like Julian Champagnie is back next year; and (2) it makes it more feasible for the Spurs to use both of their second-round picks in the draft.

I’m sure there are other consequences of this, and other changes, for the Spurs in the immediate future. What would y’all do next season with three two-way slots? Are y’all excited about any other changes in the CBA?

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