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Don’t mess with Jeremy Sochan — on or off the court

Jeremy Sochan is not be messed with, both on the court and social media.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at San Antonio Spurs Dustin Safranek-USA TODAY Sports

After just 63 NBA games, one thing is obvious about Spurs rookie Jeremy Sochan: he’s one of the most enduring, charismatic and funny players the Spurs have ever had. Not that there haven’t been other funny Spurs — Keldon Johnson, Patty Mills and Manu Ginobili immediately come to mind, Tim Duncan didn’t often show it in public but is a known prankster, and Boris Diaw has a way of being funny without really trying — but there’s something about Jeremy that just makes you laugh every time you hear from him.

Combine his sense of humor with his “doesn’t take anything from anybody” attitude, and you have a fan favorite. He has charmed his way into the hearts of fans by being someone who is not to be trifled with either on or off the court. He proved to former earlier in the season against the Nets, when he went face to face Markieff Morris: of the NBA’s more notable hardheads and somehow made an NBA scuffle seem funny.

However, as much as you don’t mess with Sochan on the court, you best not mess with him on social media, either, otherwise you might get memed — not maimed, memed — to death. Take this random Celtics fan as an example, who decided to tweet directly at Jeremy that he has no future in the NBA during last night’s game.

Sochan was quick to respond once the game was over, and his response was subtle but both deafening and hilarious at the same time.

It didn’t help this random tweeter’s cause that Sochan had just had a very nice game and most certainly looks ready for a bright future, but perhaps the only thing better than Sochan’s response to come of this is all the memes fans had lined up.

(You may need to open this one to see the full meme, but on top it says “You just lost to...” followed “Air-emy Sochan” on the bottom.)

But perhaps the best one — and something for everyone to keep in their back pocket gfor future use — is this hilarious dancing Sochan video:

So not only will Sochan come back at you on the court, but he will help make you the laughingstock of social media if you come at him. And while Frank kept at it on Twitter for quite a while, retweeting Sochan himself with the Spurs record (which is a weak comeback when talking about a player’s individual abilities) soon after and debating with fans all night, today he seems to be admitting defeat while trying to make it seem like he’s not.

Yes, he’s trying to make it sound like he’s just adding insult to injury, but odds are he didn’t expect to truly go viral and is tired of his notifications going off. Despite the clear use of sarcasm, it seems pretty clear that he just wants this to go away. (And hey, we’ve all made that mistake on social media before, right?)

This guy learned the hard way, not to mess with Sochan, but one thing he did help with his hammering down Jeremy’s new slogan, which should fittingly be “Don’t mess with Sochan”, and that applies both on and off the court.