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The Ring of the Rowel shows the world “How San Antonio Celebrates” each title

San Antonio knows how to party

BASKET-BKN-BKO-NBA FINALS-GAME 5-SPURS HEAT Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Tim Duncan was involved with all five Spurs titles. Manu and Tony were involved in four. And The Admiral was the big man during the first two.

David Robinson ended his career on top. As he eloquently stated regarding the 2003 title, “We are a legit franchise and we are legit champions.” Considering those who attempted to delegitimize the 1999 Championship, Robinson’s view means a lot to him, the city, and franchise.

In the latest installment of The Ring of the Rowel, we dive into how Spurs Family celebrated the biggest moments in Spurs history alongside the organization...on the river!

The reception of the 1999 set the tone for fans and players alike. The players were unaware just how big a fiesta was awaiting their triumphant return from New York.

The Riverwalk became the route of champions. Fans lined up Fiesta-style to catch a glimpse of the Spurs as they celebrate each and every championship.

The moment the final buzzer sounds and San Antonio prepares to hoist a trophy, fans flood downtown honking and partying throughout the entire night.

I was only in San Antonio for one championship, back in 2014. I was up watching while my newborn slept, so I did not venture downtown. For me, the celebrations have been televised.

Where were you when the Spurs won each of their titles?

Did anyone attend any of the parades? Please share in the comments.

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